Message from Shinya Wakabayashi

HRC President

In 2022 we enter another season where we as HRC set out with a single goal: achieving the best. We start the season after two complicated years, but years that have offered hope and motivation as all of HRC’s riders have shown the potential of themselves and the Honda RC213V. These years have also been great for learning, expanding our knowledge and making improvements. Of course, we still face the extreme challenge presented by the global pandemic and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone inside and outside of Honda who has devoted their efforts to this cause.

From the racing side, we begin 2022 with optimism. Both Marc Marquez and Pol Espargaro were able to improve their speed over the course of 2021 and although they both suffered from setbacks in the closing stages of the season, we know what they can deliver. From the engineering side, we have continued to work at our maximum to produce the best racing motorcycle and return to the top of the World Championship.

Marc Marquez has been forced to endure two incredibly demanding years as he recovered from injury, returned, won three races and was then sadly sidelined again. But his determination to return again, his focus on achieving success and his dedication to overcoming these adversities are the characteristics of a true champion. His mentality helps to inspire and drive us forward inside HRC and we continue to do everything within our power to provide him and all of HRC’s riders with what they need to succeed.

Alongside him in the Repsol Honda Team we have Pol Espargaro who took a pole position and helped Honda achieve their first one-two finish since 2019 last year. Pol has the talent, the knowledge, and the dedication to succeed with the RC213V and we saw this last year as his time with the bike increased. Even during some difficult races in 2021, Espargaro’s desire to fight for victory and improve himself is one of his greatest strengths.

In 2022 we are pleased to again continue our cooperation with Repsol, a story which began in 1995 and only continues to grow stronger. They are not a sponsor; they are a true partner we can rely on in the quest for the World Championship and I would like to extend HRC’s deepest thanks to them for their continued support. Aside from Repsol, all of our sponsors and partners continue to be vitally important and help us in a variety of ways and areas, without them we truly could not be here racing.

Now I would like to thank everyone who is reading this; the dedicated fans and supporters around the world who stand with us and cheer our riders on at every race. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

Shinya Wakabayashi